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Who we are.

 We are a 100% Service-Disabled Veteran- Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Our Special Inspectors are ASTM E 3038 qualified and members of the  International Firestop Council.   Our owner has past experience as an Insurance Claims Professional and  Business Owner for a national restoration franchise.  He has traveled all over the United States in his insurance career and as  a restoration contractor during several weather related catastrophic events. He holds professional designations from both industries and has taught classes for groups in both industries.  

What we do.

We perform firestop inspections for new construction to current UL standards as well as compliance with approved and tested systems set forth in the building plans for each project.  We work with the Building Owner, Construction Management Team, and the Firestop Installation Contractor, to ensure that the installation is performed to FM 4991 Standards. A concise, detailed report is provided for each inspection point.  This report is saved permanently so the building owner can retrieve it at anytime during the working life of the building.  We adhere to your safety protocol and follow OSHA guidelines and standards.  We stay out of the way of your employees and sub-contractors so as not to interfere with their schedule or work product.  

How we can help you.

Above all else, Life Safety is the most important responsibility of any building owner towards the occupants. Proper firestop installation through rated walls is key to maintaining the integrity of these important fire rated systems. These penetrations are difficult to see and sometimes impossible to inspect after the building has been completed. With proper inspections during the construction process, problems can be avoided, errors corrected, and most importantly to you, the building owner, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have provided a safe environment for your occupants.  If an event should ever occur, these systems , when properly installed create a safety barrier allowing the building occupants a better chance of survival and Safe Exit from the building. 

We look over your building plans and work with you to make a plan for inspecting  the installations on a schedule that works for you and keeps you on your building schedule.  We do our best to minimize schedule delays and work towards your goals of keeping to the construction  timetable,  while ensuring the quality of the Firestop installations.  


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Perry Harrison

Firestop Inspection Services, LLC

Phone:      1-833-723-3948

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Firestop Inspection Services, LLC

1-833-SAFEXIT/ 723-3948

Our service area is the U.S., Caribbean, and U.S.V.I.


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